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All Olympic sports fun park to open soon

Silk Road new large-scale activities of the Olympic theme "Olympic Fun Corner" at 10:00 on June 5, coming soon. Regardless of who you are football, basketball or master, here are showing. Won the prize, and so you take massive ingots, glory and wealth in this moment!

National Movement, to meet the Olympic Games. Away from the opening of the Olympic Games less than 80 days, during this memorable day, how can it change the significance of this more Immerse "Olympic Fun Corner", the glory of championship experience.

Activities 1: Biaofeng soccer rules: Players choose from three direction of penalty kicks, each goal will be between 10-5000 ranging from ingots incentives. Every time penalty will consume 300 little cards. In addition after the conclusion of the event, the system will automatically audience statistics the number of penalties, the maximum penalty of three players will be "incentives 3,000 ingots"
Two activities: Cool Choi basketball rules: radio audience for one-third basket, as long as there is likely to be dropped into ingots 50, 350 ingots, 2150 ingot, the 7150 gold ingot. When the players pitching, chances are activated, "the Olympic lights", "Olympic light" flashes to prove your next chance of winning the ball will be substantially increased.Dianka consumption of 260 pitches each time.

Three activities: track and field takeoff rules: Players participate in track and field competition, each consume 500 Dianka. Subject to the fifth, then get 300 gold ingot, the fourth in the 600, the third 1200, the second 2400, the first for the 4800 gold ingot. In addition, each player after the game, players will be announced at the results, if the audience the results more than 12.88 seconds, you can receive an additional 5,000 ingots.

Four activities: Rainbow Table Tennis rules: brandishing the hands of the racket you can get the first set to 10 sets of the weapons were a dark sun, 100% winning. Consumption of each shooting 500 ingots, lightly Yihui, the secret to your dream!

The best activities, Sun Shen Qi. At 10:00 on June 5, let us meet the "Olympic fun park."
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