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World-sent love for science and technology to disaster areas to help people

Παγκόσμια έστειλε την αγάπη για την επιστήμη και την τεχνολογία σε πληγείσες περιοχές για να βοηθήσουν τους ανθρώπους

May 12, 2008 at 14:28, 40 Chuanwen Chuan has the magnitude 8.0 earthquake. A few days ago, the people of the affected areas suffered the pain of
the earthquake damage, so that people across the country are
Yebunengmei. No Valentine's love of natural disasters, a difficult one P Plus
assistance; the attitude of the people across the country one heart and
one mind, let us reason to believe that: Rendingshengtian!
In this national mourning for the victims of the earthquake, the
world-technology will also contribute Mianbozhili - will be the first
world-company contributions to employees today donated to the Red Cross
Society of China.At the same time, the world die in the name of science and technology
to 60,000 yuan the same period will be donated to the China Red Cross
Society. In the coming days, the WHO will continue preparations for IT-related
donations, hope their use in a disaster area to help bring more people
to help!
At the same time the world-technology also sincerely hope that the
players take action and carry forward the traditional virtues of the
Chinese nation, with its part, to participate in earthquake disaster
emergency relief to them, people dedicated to the disaster areas of
love and rescue victims.
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