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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: 4/3/08   Τρι Μαρ 04, 2008 1:44 pm

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

In order to maintain a pleasant
gaming and smooth patching experience, weekly server inspection of all
servers has been completed.

Time of Completion : Mar 4, 2008 17:00 Silkroad Standard Time

- Database backup
- Egypt E-pin added

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

To provide a smooth payment method for our users in Egypt, additional Egypt e-Pin service has been added.

Please refer to the directions below about the way of purchase and use.

[How To Purchase]

1. Confirm e-Pin sellers' information on Silkroad Online Website.
2. Contact them through the e-mail or the Telephone
3. Purchase e-Pin from them.

If you want to know more detail information about e-Pin sellers, Go to this Link.

[How To Use]

1. Log-in Silkroad Online Website.
2. Click Silk charge button in Item mall.
3. Click Egypt e-Pin mark at the bottom.
4. Enter the e-Pin number and Serial number.
5. Click Confirm button.
6. A purchase is successfully finished.

will continue to implement various payment systems to fulfill the needs
of our users, and we ask for our users' interest in this additional
payment system, Egypt e-Pin

Thank you.


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