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 15/2/08 New year strikes a gong the first five winner's...

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 552
Ηλικία : 45
Location : In Games
Registration date : 29/10/2007

Character sheet
1000/1000  (1000/1000)

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: 15/2/08 New year strikes a gong the first five winner's...   Τετ Φεβ 20, 2008 1:36 pm

Server Role Prize
Courtyard tree cool breeze If the spirit treasure is clean Strengthened rank 8
Peerless grace and talent Purple porch young succuba Strengthened rank 8
Triumphal returning Luxurious joy Strengthened rank 8
Peerless grace and talent My line of like wind Strengthened rank 8
Hiner hundred Sichuan Che Yong Strengthened rank 8

Please above play the family on February 20 before 9:00
maintenance, will have to strengthen the equipment will put adds the
role knapsack first standard, official will play the family in a server
maintenance common time-base signal pair of prize to carry on the
此外有部分玩家因个人原因,没有得到奖品,官方特酌情对添错角色名的和因放错物品没有领取奖品的玩家进行修改。Asks in
following name list to play the family, in February 20 before 9:00
maintenance, the equipment which must strengthen puts adds the role
knapsack first standard, official will play the family in a server
maintenance common time-base signal pair of prize to carry on the
This revision for last time, because if plays the family individual
reason not to receive, official no longer will be responsible.
Server character name
Yin Cheng irritable v loves unintentionally
The Yin city fame and fortune double begins with one's own hands
Yin city sasa0629
Yin Cheng happy all-inclusive
殷城 鬼觋
Yin Chengfei day Ashura
Chinese Tang strong wind star bridge new military recruits in Taiwan
The Chinese Tang strong wind kills people specially the monster
Chinese Tang male bagpipe person Han Xiangzi
Chinese Tang strong wind Bai Niangzi legend
Chinese Tang strong wind Eo
Chinese Tang strong wind xls000
The Chinese Tang strong wind command understands like
Chinese Tang male refined appearance arrow absolutely
The heaven is not superior
Heaven roaring flame Y bloodthirsty
The heaven snow dances in the air
Heaven boss
Heaven young married woman murderer
The heaven does not have pain of the wound
Heaven fly cutter vs young person
天堂 oO南晨天Oo
Heaven Long Teng
The blood and iron rides the camp E net V cold snow
The blood and iron rides the camp to revere
Throne cotton candy v delicate
The throne saint dragon v will do
Throne Arab League wolf
Throne sZm likes mi
The throne does not defeat the De saint sword
Throne dragon young master
Throne goddess
Throne sea younger sister
The Datang prosperous times do not have if
Datang prosperous times v rain v
The Datang prosperous times are sensitive
The Datang prosperous times discuss honestly VIP
大唐盛世 天使小青龙
大唐盛世 上岸流泪的鱼
Are the Datang prosperous times fierce look at the chicken chicken
Datang prosperous times 0 white clouds 0
Datang prosperous times angel o dream
Datang prosperous times Guanzhong female variant
Datang abundant general mood of society night of evil spirit soul
Courtyard tree cool breeze MX winter rain
The courtyard tree cool breeze heaven comes the de color female
庭树清风 古沛之风神
Courtyard tree cool breeze o leaf wicked o
A courtyard tree cool breeze knife master
The courtyard tree cool breeze I was just the elder brother
Courtyard tree cool breeze forester
The courtyard tree cool breeze gnaws ding specially one
Courtyard tree cool breeze Wu Ydi
The courtyard tree cool breeze Quanzhou bumpkins brave
Courtyard tree cool breeze firing line combat general
The courtyard tree cool breeze please input role
The courtyard tree cool breeze faded and fallen flies crazily flies
The courtyard tree cool breeze faded and fallen flies haughtily
The courtyard tree clear character and style knife is in full bloom
The courtyard tree cool breeze has not seen such has led
The courtyard tree cool breeze ice fights the fish
New Year prosperous times supreme zhi beast of prey
开元盛世 yxybyxyb
开元盛世 英雄美人
The New Year prosperous times please input role
New Year prosperous times wild wolf goddess
The New Year prosperous times catch a tiger the VS hero
New Year prosperous times min_4yan_2min5
New Year prosperous times triumphant Chinese zither
The cavalry strategic pass cool breeze is drunk the knife 0o god
The cavalry strategic pass gets angry V kills
铁骑雄关 麒麟之梦魇
The cavalry strategic pass asked what the second is
Cavalry strategic pass sky nightmare
The cavalry strategic pass phoenix dances VS to fly upwards
Cavalry strategic pass yinyomchan
Cavalry strategic pass up-wind urine three sticks
Cavalry strategic pass setting up a business soaring
Cavalry strategic pass sky fierce bandit
Cavalry strategic pass arrogant world succuba
The cavalry strategic pass bites the blood sword
Cavalry strategic pass unicorn VS nightmare
Cavalry strategic pass 1
Who with fights forever loves you the person
Who with fights Oo to lay out the fish
Who with fights eats delicacies the dog
谁与争锋 闪灵猛将
谁与争锋 天涯海角
Who with fights the environment to look like equally
Who with fights tony12
Who with fights the bodhi return
Who with fights scissors stone headwrap o
Who with fights the day to smile the day
Who with fights the silk road flower fragrance
Who with fights riqui
Who with fights Ison to be special
谁与争锋 司马皮
Who with fights the sad bow
Who with fights a night of beauty
Blustery o powder son O fragrant fragrant oo
Blustery o seven color oo sugar sugar o
Blustery sad V knife
Blustery qin deep 0 great-hearteds
Blustery purple if snow and ice
Blustery snowy mountain VS flying fox
Blustery 0o war-god 0o
Blustery glass back 03
Blustery male tyrant V wind and cloud
Please input role blustery
Blustery snow line VS unicorn
Blustery Shenlong pendulum
A blustery 0 broken days sword 0
风起云涌 沙尘暴
荣耀 疾风之狼
Glory good faith yoyo
The glory brick pats the back of the head
Glory oO Long Tengao snow Oo
Glory ROBBER vast
Glory ooLVoo
The glory I murders the ghost I
The glory rules the world
荣耀 银河V弓手团
The glory v does not have v
The glory hides character L
Glory East and West does not defeat
Glory Angel You Lieer
Glory golden snake wave Mr.
The glory seeks the dream
Glory rivers and lakes story
Glory rivers and lakes overlord
Glory good faith store
Glory angel still V happy
Glory long
The glory nine chief ministers of state seize the beast
Glory rivers and lakes spoiled child
Glory emperor emperor's father
Glory rivers and lakes oo soul
Vertically and horizontally the moon is I makes curved
Vertically and horizontally melody v eternal
Vertically and horizontally Luan chen
Vertically and horizontally �b guest line
Vertically and horizontally 2000
纵横 YT嗜血狂魔
Vertically and horizontally Emperor VS god ice female
Vertically and horizontally liwei0711
Vertically and horizontally Roman fierce and ambitious
Vertically and horizontally swallow swallow 7788
Vertically and horizontally Bin Bin 7788
Vertically and horizontally blue hypericum
Vertically and horizontally hides mustard Lao Jiang
Vertically and horizontally rallies the silk road
Vertically and horizontally binbin7788
Vertically and horizontally second emperor KK
Vertically and horizontally assassin 0 calm
Vertically and horizontally all things knife tyrant
Triumphal returns lj987654
Triumphal returns to make up alunite hopes Ya
Triumphal returns the month volume volume
凯旋 冰火MM
凯旋 亦幽依侑
Triumphal returns the shade month day
Triumphal returns prosperous times Mr. to be bold
Triumphal returns to work the wind
Triumphal returns the clear city world
Triumphal returns to dazzle the O Guanzhong wild wolf
Country gentleman unparalleled lair
The country gentleman unparalleled fire dance v ten thousand people confuse
The country gentlemen unparalleled please input role
The country gentlemen unparalleled do laugh at you
Country gentleman unparalleled missile 3
Country gentleman unparalleled missile 5
Country gentleman unparalleled missile 1
Country gentleman unparalleled missile 9
Country gentleman unparalleled missile 10
Country gentleman unparalleled stupid stupid Long Erya bifurcation
Country gentleman unparalleled 0o Lai vine o god of death
Country gentleman unparalleled sun vs nine county
Country gentleman unparalleled setting sun
The country gentlemen unparalleled please input role
The country gentlemen unparalleled dazzle military SKS nine county 6
The country gentleman unparalleled war casualty shallow snow kills the butterfly
Country gentleman not double swindler VS honey honey
Country gentleman unparalleled xiao6zhi
国士无双 风流刀仕
Country gentleman unparalleled fragrant sound
Country gentleman unparalleled 0o remembers red o0
Peerless grace and talent angel de lover
Peerless grace and talent T Tang T ghost howling invincible might
The peerless grace and talent arrow non-shade wound does not have the mark
The peerless grace and talent treads the blood to seek pleasure
The peerless grace and talent wind blows the cloud to be moved the pine
Peerless grace and talent ambassador
The peerless grace and talent loves the blue evil spirit
Peerless grace and talent flower Man Rong
The peerless grace and talent is dense
Peerless grace and talent saint sword crazy knife
Peerless grace and talent Ji Mai Ling
Beacon-fire lovable gentle
Beacon-fire lard
Beacon-fire kay Qi child
The beacon-fire please input role
Beacon-fire old wolf
Beacon-fire thunderclap tiger Qin Ming
Beacon-fire Custom smoke taste.
The beacon-fire degenerates
Beacon-fire Arab League vast
烽火 捞猴子的月亮
Beacon-fire in March rain
Beacon-fire pink clouds south O however
Beacon-fire small female celestial
Big dream Dunhuang chocolate soft sugar
Big dream Dunhuang o meng rainbow o
Big dream Dunhuang is 1
Big dream Dunhuang HH assassinates HH
Big dream Dunhuang yycs1970
Big dream Dunhuang fable wind and cloud recurrence
Big dream Dunhuang please input role
Big dream Dunhuang closes two masters to regenerate
Big dream Dunhuang seven color fairy tales
The big dream Dunhuang resentment falls
Big dream Dunhuang ruffian X rampant
Epoch-making big V sage V Tang
开天辟地 天葬v羽祭
开天辟地 残杀oO云
The epoch-making fire builds up
Epoch-making bandit
Epoch-making mad bull
Flies epoch-making the dragon demon
Epoch-making yamaha123
Epoch-making yamaha331
Epoch-making spirit fox 331
开天辟地 天o0蓝
Epoch-making elder brother o0 elder brother
Epoch-making Li oo elegant oo
The epoch-making thief v rides black
Epoch-making happy sad
Epoch-making swallow blue vs poem
Hiner hundred Sichuan Jiang De
A Hiner hundred Sichuan roadside sexual harasser eldest child
Hiner hundred Sichuan strong lips God
Hiner hundred Sichuan please input role
Hiner hundred flows the nosebleed
Wan Chaogui a soaring dragon knight
Wan Chaogui a God VS airspace reservation
Wan Chaogui yaya100
Wan Chaogui yaya123
Corona Karoo silk
光环 无限魅力
Corona Sima Aisha
Corona god oF early working off anger
Corona supreme v madman
Moreover has 10 to play family's server and the role famous
metropolis has not filled in, asks the following to play the family to
contact with the guest to take immediately, on February 19 in front of
9:00 like has not related, official no longer will be responsible.

Το νέο έτος χτυπά ένα gong ο κατάλογος του πρώτου πέντε νικητή και η ανακοίνωση αναθεώρησης ενοποίησης

Δροσερό αεράκι δέντρων προαυλίων Εάν ο θησαυρός πνευμάτων είναι καθαρός Ενισχυμένη τάξη 8
Απαράμιλλα επιείκεια και ταλέντο Πορφυρό νέο succuba μερών Ενισχυμένη τάξη 8
Θριαμβευτική επιστροφή Πολυτελής χαρά Ενισχυμένη τάξη 8
Απαράμιλλα επιείκεια και ταλέντο Η γραμμή ομοειδούς αέρα μου Ενισχυμένη τάξη 8
Hiner εκατό Sichuan Che Yong Ενισχυμένη τάξη 8

Παρακαλώ επάνω από το παιχνίδι που η οικογένεια στις 20 Φεβρουαρίου
πριν από τη συντήρηση 9:00, θα πρέπει να ενισχύσει τον εξοπλισμό θα
βάλει προσθέτει τα πρώτα πρότυπα σακιδίων ρόλου, ο ανώτερος υπάλληλος
θα παίξει την οικογένεια ανά ένα time-base συντήρησης κεντρικών
υπολογιστών κοινό ζευγάρι σημάτων του βραβείου για να συνεχίσει την
αναθεώρηση.Επειδή εάν θα παίξει τον οικογενειακό μεμονωμένο λόγο να
αναγκαστεί ο εξοπλισμός για να μην ενισχύσει επιτυχώς, ο ανώτερος
υπάλληλος δεν είναι πλέον αρμόδιος.

Επιπλέον έχει το μέρος για να παίξει την οικογένεια λόγω του
μεμονωμένου λόγου, δεν έχει λάβει το βραβείο, επειδή επίσημη κρίση
χρήσεων για να προσθέσει το λανθασμένο ρόλο ειδικά και βάζει τα
λανθασμένα αγαθά για να μην λάβει το βραβείο για να παίξει την
οικογένεια για να συνεχίσει την αναθεώρηση.Ζητά στην ακολουθία του
καταλόγου ονόματος να παίξει την οικογένεια, 20 Φεβρουαρίου προτού να
βάλει η συντήρηση 9:00, ο εξοπλισμός που πρέπει να ενισχύσει προσθέτει
τα πρώτα πρότυπα σακιδίων ρόλου, ο ανώτερος υπάλληλος θα παίξει την
οικογένεια ανά ένα time-base συντήρησης κεντρικών υπολογιστών κοινό
ζευγάρι σημάτων του βραβείου για να συνεχίσει την αναθεώρηση.

Αυτή η αναθεώρηση για την τελευταία φορά, επειδή εάν παιχνίδια ο
οικογενειακός μεμονωμένος λόγος να μην λάβει, ανώτερος υπάλληλος δεν θα
είναι πλέον αρμόδια.

Όνομα χαρακτήρα κεντρικών υπολογιστών
Οξύθυμες β Yin αγάπες Cheng ακούσια
Το διπλάσιο φήμης και τύχης πόλεων Yin αρχίζει με τα χέρια κάποιου
Πόλη sasa0629 Yin
Ευτυχής όλος-συμπεριλαμβάνων Cheng Yin
Μάγος Chenggui Yin
Yin Chengfei ημέρα Ashura
Κινεζικοί νέοι στρατιωτικοί νεοσύλλεκτοι γεφυρών αστεριών αέρα γεύσης ισχυροί στην Ταϊβάν
Ο κινεζικός ισχυρός αέρας γεύσης σκοτώνει τους ανθρώπους ειδικά το τέρας
Κινεζικό πρόσωπο Han Xiangzi bagpipe γεύσης αρσενικό
Κινεζικός Bai Niangzi αέρα γεύσης ισχυρός μύθος
Κινεζικός ισχυρός αέρας EO γεύσης
Κινεζικός ισχυρός αέρας xls000 γεύσης

Den metafrazw ta parakanw giati einai onomata

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15/2/08 New year strikes a gong the first five winner's...
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