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 4/2/08 Anakoinwseis apo to forum toy cSRO

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: 4/2/08 Anakoinwseis apo to forum toy cSRO   Δευ Φεβ 04, 2008 11:48 pm


In order to greet the out of the ordinary 2008 Spring Festival, passes through plays in family's investigation and the hearing opinion in the backbone, presently decided: "The Silk road Fable" the early spring novice supports the activity and 20% extra experience activity opens ahead of time, on February 4 starting when on and will play the family to meet!
In this activity, plays the family to be possible free to receive the dark golden weapon, but also can obtain 20% extra empirical value reward, opportunity must not be lost! Suddenly pleasantly surprised, longer time enjoyment!


Spring Festival the series activity “knocks the propitious clock, Bai Zhuangbian the flash” the activity, the activity already started, passes through several day-long activities to see plays the family to move the extremely affection regarding this.
Only needs 108, then possibly obtains for the oneself random weapon or the equipment promotes +4, +6, +8 strengthened rank opportunity.No matter is the sun equips, the ordinary equipment, the propitious clock can realize your dream.Instantaneous causes your weapon value promotion several fold even dozens of times, plays builds up the gold to be possible to make money in the same old way!
In order to cause to play the family to be possible the better experience pleasure, the realization lets own weapon send out the gorgeous bright ray the dream, after supplements a rule “the activity to end especially, purchase propitious clock most 5 play the family, besides the reason prize, each person extra obtains one time the weapon “the strengthened rank 8” the opportunity!”.Below is at present knocks propitious clock most 5 to play the family, hoped they make persistent efforts, continue to maintain.


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4/2/08 Anakoinwseis apo to forum toy cSRO
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