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1000/1000  (1000/1000)

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: 8/1/08   Τετ Ιαν 30, 2008 1:54 pm

The city war rank is taken to the threshing ground grandly hits reaches the goal swims dives the rule

2008-1-7 14:18: 00

fire gunsmoke reveals the son true colors, the battle drum knocks the
determination heroic feelings sonorously.Captures “the Chang An fort”
then to be possible to obtain 1000 silver pieces, the prestige, the
wealth all in my hand."City War Epic poem - King Rank", victor's award

In order to reward fights the war pledge hegemon in
the city and the alliance member who wins, especially opens “the city
war king rank”.After each time the city war ended, the achievement war
pledge except may obtain the system automatic provide tax money, but
also will be automatic seizes the Chang An fort the war pledge and the
hegemon name recording in the honor announcement.The achievement war
pledge hegemon free will obtain 1000 silver piece rewards, all this war
pledge member each person free will also obtain 80 silver piece
rewards.All prize personnel may be direct “the prize commercial city”
the exchange (for example: Too cloudiness gold weapon, the solar
phoenix three-legged raven) and so on any own want prize.Lets play the
family truly to have the glory and the wealth which triumphal returns
to that kind of brave warrior to turn over to!

The prize
commercial city is official promotes one kind of exchange system newly,
it broke swam by the net all prizes all is originally the official
formulation dives the rule, will choose the prize the right to give
truly has played the family.In not only the prize commercial city has
various types ninth set of dark gold weapon, the three-legged raven,
the pendulum beach puppet which everybody is familiar with, but also
some many novel stage props, for example: Does which smiles donkey and
various types hats and so on.The ninth set of dark golden weapon also
only needs 3745 silver pieces, what are you also hesitating?

Quickly applies for the pledge war, captures that dazzling honor, the final king is you!


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